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I help sales people keep track of all their important contacts
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More Time Selling. Less Busy Work.

Sudo for Sales Professionals

The average salesperson spends an hour a day on busy work: adding contacts, logging activities, keeping their pipeline up-to-date, etc. Sudo makes keeping your CRM up-to-date effortless, so you can spend more time selling.

Track all important contacts with just a single click.

Log every relevant activity without lifting a finger.


Accelerate sales. Reduce Attrition.

Sudo for Sales Leaders

Sudo helps sales leaders optimize their customer machine. Imagine every contact was in the system, every activity was logged, and every deal was up-to-date, all while giving your team more time to sell.

Gain complete visibility into everything your team is doing. 

Customize Sudo Skills based on your playbook for sales, support, and operations.

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What others are saying

Sudo helps us get much higher ROI on the investment we've made in our CRM system. I get all the data I need to forecast accurately and to optimize our sales process. Best of all, my reps love it.
Jen Mingo
SVP of Customer Success
Sudo helps to maximize value from our SFDC investment. It allows me to focus on driving my business forward and to spend less time on administrative tasks. Sudo automatically captures important information and milestones that provide the entire organization complete visibility into our accounts and opportunities.
rob O'Brien
Head of North American Sales
I love using Sudo! I've never had a sales tool that actually made my life easier and enabled me to hit 100% adoption of Salesforce. It proactively prompts me to log all my activities, add new contacts, etc without ever having to log into Salesforce. Saves me 20-30+ minutes per day that I can use for what my real job is: Selling
Matt Carlin
Regional Sales Manager
Sudo ensures I don't waste time manually clicking around in Salesforce populating fields with data. Sudo does my busy-work for me so I can focus on selling.
Paige Evans
Regional Manager
Using Sudo from a mobile device is an absolute game changer as it provides a quick and easy way to access Salesforce records. More importantly, Sudo works behind the scenes keeping me on top of tasks and action items, as well as ensuring the data going into Salesforce is accurate and complete
Donald Reese
Co-Founder & Vice President of Sales
As an enterprise B2B sales professional using Salesforce for over 13 years, Sudo has truly delivered on Salesforce's increased productivity and ease of use. Automating manual tasks has been a game changer for time management at my organization.
Joe Canariato
RVP Insurance