Our mission is to liberate you from tedious administrative work, so you can be more productive.

AI is the new UI

We envision a world where enterprise software is more human - it knows you, talks to you, and acts on your behalf. Such software would take care of the tedious tasks in your job, freeing you to focus on the work that sparks you. To do this, we are challenging the way CRM systems work from the bottoms up.

Sudo is an AI platform that connects to all your data (email, calendar, and phone) and keeps all your Salesforce records up-to-date automatically. If it needs your judgment, it asks you a question. If you need something, you just talk to Sudo, and Sudo gets it done.

Our team

We’ve assembled a great team to revolutionize enterprise software from the bottom up. 

We are working on adding more super cool skills to Sudo to get you more productive all within Slack. Want to join us on this mission? Email us directly.

Francisco Larrain
Chief Executive Officer
Amit Koren
Chief Product Officer
Wayne Like
Gaston L’Huillier
Algorithms • Data Science
Bhupesh Bansal
Platform • Infrastructure
Ricardo Zilleruelo
Chief Technology Officer


8VC • Ribbit Capital • Slack Fund • Precursor Ventures • Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors • Storm Ventures

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